You may think that there is no other way to experience the Hamptons aside from passenger seat of a Range Rover. Think again, because if you've ever put mils in running out in the Hamptons you know that its a whole lot more than a bit of a sweat! This is a list of reasons why you do not want to miss out on getting fit for this summer: Distance run or bust! Out on the far tip of Long island, the long twisted drives and hills that are sprinkled throughout the southern fork could not set anymore of a scenic backdrop. If you are anywhere in South Hampton, Bridgehampton or Sag Harbor you could find yourself pleasantly surprised as you take the scenic route around large plots of farmland, sprawling estates and overwhelmingly stunning wooded areas. I have found that it usually will take me at least half a mile from the place I start my run from to reach the closest major road! That being said it usually makes me run at least 3 miles when I set out on a jog. It is a really nice change from running in the city in the sense that there are virtually no intersections to cross. Living in Brooklyn, I get tired of the intersections all the time. Pro Tip: When you pick a new route, be sure to map out your run prior to setting out. Cell phone reception is notoriously spotty, so if you are planning on using apps on your phone to guide your run make sure you have a back up plan!

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